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LITTLE HOPPER – Baby & Toddler Hip Seat Carrier with Removable Shoulder Straps

Kangaroo Karry

The Little Hopper is the only baby & toddler carrier you will need. Features a hip seat design with removable shoulder traps. 

  • No more tired arms and sore backs. Carry your child’s weight on your waist, like a hiking backpack.
  • Easiest baby carrier to use. Baby's weight is support on the seat which allows the shoulder straps to be left long for easy buckling behind your head. All buckles and adjustments are easily in reach. 
  • Child sits naturally on their bottom like they would on the floor, a chair or in your arms. 
  • Fits most, but not all. If you can measure about 46 inches (or less) around your belly button with a deep breath, then it should fit!
  • Grows with your child, ideal from 4 months up to 45 lbs.
  • Machine washable, air dry.

Worry Free Return Policy. Fit is important and a matter of personal opinion. If it doesn't work out, just send it back for a full refund - no problem! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Having a 95th percentile plus child made baby wearing in other carriers very difficult and exceedingly uncomfortable. None seemed to actually distribute weight to my hips. They needed to be so uncomfortably tight that my LO got upset because of being restricted. The KangarooKarry ACTUALLY distributes weight to the waist and just supports with the straps. Allowing them to be looser than the other carriers. Makes my LO very happy. And me as well! If you want to baby wear but think you can’t. Try the KangarooKarry!

Best carrier on the market!

This is the best carrier on the market! The unique design with the seat for the baby/toddler to sit on really makes a difference in the comfort and ease of use. My baby loves it! He smiles when I pull it out to put him in it to go outside!

Awesome product!

I can’t believe how light weight the carrier is. It feels like my toddler is weightless and it’s much easier to carry her around now! I’m impressed!


LITTLE HOPPER – Baby & Toddler Hip Seat Carrier

Love it!!!

Love it!!! Works very well with my 12 month old. Tried a few different carriers and I can say this one is the most comfortable. We are very happy with this purchase.