LITTLE HOPPER – Baby & Toddler Hip Seat Carrier with Removable Shoulder Straps

Kangaroo Karry

The Little Hopper is the only baby & toddler carrier you will need. Features a hip seat design with removable shoulder traps. 

  • No more tired arms and sore backs. Carry your child’s weight on your waist, like a hiking backpack.
  • Easiest baby carrier to use. Baby's weight is support on the seat which allows the shoulder straps to be left long for easy buckling behind your head. All buckles and adjustments are easily in reach. 
  • Child sits naturally on their bottom like they would on the floor, a chair or in your arms. 
  • Fits most, but not all. If you can measure about 46 inches (or less) around your belly button with a deep breath, then it should fit!
  • Grows with your child, ideal from 4 months up to 45 lbs.
  • Machine washable, air dry.

Worry Free Return Policy. Fit is important and a matter of personal opinion. If it doesn't work out, just send it back for a full refund - no problem! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

This is the THIRD baby carrier I have purchased... I am so happy with this carrier. I wish I had it with my oldest. It’s adjustable! It has pockets! My little one isn’t just hanging there, she’s sitting comfortably on a nice firm seat. I don’t have to worry about her falling out or if it’s too tight on her. This is a game changer!! No back or shoulder pain what so ever!!

Better than the ones I have

I like the ability to have the seat one my hip, it is really helpful in the kitchen. I have also used it as a arm rest for nursing. Over all not hard to put on. I still have some lower back pain but much better than my previous! I have a Moby wrap and a target infanto one.
Looking forward to bring it on a trip soon.
My baby is about 6 months old and loves to fall asleep in it.

Little Hopper Lifesaver

Living in San Antonio, we get to enjoy one of the many San Antonio traditions which is FIESTA!!!! As a parent with a 6 yr.old and a 3 yr. old, the older one is fully capable of walking for long periods of time, the 3 yr.old not so much, I literally ordered the Little Hopper 2 days before the Battle of Flowers Parade and this was by far the best investment. Having the little hopper was a life saver!!! Both my 3yr. old and myself were very happy and comfortable using the Little Hopper which made for an even memorable fun filled experience at both the Battle of Flowers Parade & The King William Fair!!!

Love it!

I love it so far! Super convenient and easy to use. I would recommend designing some sort of bag to store it in so it would be easy to hang from or store in a stroller when out and about with the kids. That was my only frustration is that I had to find my own bag to carry it in. Thanks!

Love it!

This is so awesome! My 9month old loved being able to sit on a seat and not just dangling in front of me. I felt so much safer using this then any other carrier! I have been bragging to all my friends. Look what I have! Thank you,